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Risk Reduction In The Food and Beverage Industry – Machinery Safety

Join us for a 30 minute webinar tomorrow where we will discuss machinery safety specific to the food and beverage industry.


We’ll look at the safety standards, as well as giving lots of real world examples of applications to maximise both safety and efficiency. Applications will include those that require hygienic solutions or those in explosive atmospheres, we will include robust, mechanical solutions as well as networked solutions for maximising productivity and data capture.


We’ll even have time for questions and our ever popular quiz at the end!




We also have a brand new product range that has plenty of great applications in the Food & Beverage Sector….

Alfred: Explosive Atmospheres


🧨 Our new range of highly robust, ATEX approved interlocks are designed for explosive atmospheres and hazardous zones (up to Zone 1 & 21) , which are often found in chemical processes or extremely high dust environments.

🌊 IP69 rated incase you really want to put it to the test!

🌾 In the food industry? Perfect for those dusty, flammable grain feeders or where ingredients may catch alight…  data-emoji=

⏲  Protect your people and achieve guard locking in these environments for any machines with run down times!

❓ Why Alfred? Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, but after realising this would be used in war, he donated the profits to the Nobel peace prize.

No time to read? The Video below gives you a quick overview.



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